Burglar alarm noise - is it really necessary?

NOISE in the name of SECURITY

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What is the only sensible way to protect your property?

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In the dim distant past, it was thought that making a lot of noise would deter burglars, alert the neighbours, and thus protect your property.  With the advent of car alarms, which are ever-present and sounding, the problem got even worse.  Who takes any notice when an alarm activates nowadays?  Well, of course, we all do, but only to complain about the noise.  

In the main we are justified too, because most alarms you hear are false alarms.  The reason we hear so many false alarms is that there are too many installers out there who do not do the job properly, and that is coupled to the fact that there are far too many old inefficient alarm systems, that are not maintained or updated as they should be.  DIY has a lot to answer for, because such systems regularly fall short of the standards that are essential for reliability, and are often installed with no knowledge whatsoever of the pitfalls.  

Looking at it from another aspect, who has got the cheek to expect other people to come running when their alarm starts up?  Who expects their neighbours to investigate and get knocked over the head for their public spiritedness?  Neighbourhood Watch is about reporting anything suspicious to the Police, NOT investigating it yourself!  It is no good reporting that an alarm is sounding, though.  The police need a bit more than that before they will turn out.  Can you imagine what would happen if the Police came running every time there was a report of an alarm sounding?  Their arrival would make even more noise with their own brand of noise pollution, and the cost and waste of valuable Police manpower would be colossal.

The answer should be obvious. Do away with the noise on the outside of your premises.  Have an alarm box by all means, but an empty one to show the potential burglar that you have security. A good alarm sounder on the inside should be adequate to deter a burglar, because he/she will be inside when the alarm activates.  That should be enhanced by a connection to an alarm receiving centre, who will pass information to the police after verifying that the alarm activation is genuine. It's not as expensive as you might think.

If the job is done properly there will be no more aggravated neighbours and no more annoying false alarms to wake you up in the small hours of the morning.

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