Audible alarms - are they taken seriously anymore?

Over the last few years, alarm systems have become more and more popular, and consequently, the false alarm rate has increased.  Therefore they have become less popular!  That is undoubtedly due to one or more of the following:-

All of the above problems will never be entirely eradicated, and so we will always have to suffer being woken up in the middle of the night, when our neighbour's burglar alarm activates.

Since we are all getting used to this annoyance, we are all inclined to blame any burglar alarm noise on a fault in the system.  The police have treated all audible alarms as false alarms for a very long time.

If you try to be neighbourly, and call the police without first checking the premises, they will not attend.  That is because the ACPO Policy has been adopted nationally, where no police response will be given unless the person reporting the burglar alarm can assure the police that there are genuine signs of an intruder at the premises in question.

So, do you get up, and go to look?  If you do, what if there is really a burglary in progress?

A high majority of people will do nothing. Perhaps curse a little about the noise, and hope that it stops.

Of course, most burglar alarm systems will cut out automatically, and so that is the end of the matter. Back to sleep.

When the owners return and find that they have been burgled, they will wonder why no-one took any notice.

For a small annual charge, most burglar alarm systems can have a means of calling the police automatically.

Owners of audible burglar alarm systems should also be aware of the Noise Pollution Act.  Do you really need to make a noise?  Click here to find out.

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