DualCom Remote Signalling

remote signalling for alarm systems

High reliability DualCom alarm signal transmission

DualCom is an alarm signalling device that totally combines telephone and radio technologies to provide continuous security for you and your property.á

This combination ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted by DualCom despite damage to one of the signalling paths. Burglar alarm systems that rely on a single technology can be disabled if the phone line is cut, or the radio fails, but DualCom's resilience provides a secure signalling path which makes a highly reliable police calling facility.

DualCom can be added to compatible burglar alarms quite simply.á Any telephone line can be used, and any service provider too.á No waiting, same day service is possible.

DualCom transmits its signals without incurring telephone charges.

DualCom dual signalling

What do you get?

  1. Police response for burglar alarm signals, subject to a check by the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to see if you have made a mistake. Keyholders will be called first, unless a confirmed alarm signal is received. Keyholders are always informed in any case.
  2. Immediate police call without any pre-checks if you push a panic button.
  3. Low battery report to keyholders if your electricity supply fails when you're not there.
  4. Fire alarm signals sent by dualcom can also be passed to fire brigade, or keyholders.
  5. We do two maintenance visits in the year when your system is monitored by Dualcom.


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