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NSI NACOSS remote signalling burglar alarms have insurance approval to use REDCARE or DUALCOM if high security is wanted or a digital communicatoráwhen telephone line cutting is not thought to be a potential problem.

Remote signalling is a term used when sending data from burglar alarms to a remote location, e.g. a monitoring facilitity.á Monitoring is the most common form of remote signalling, where messages go to a 24 hour manned alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Skilled operators will pass on information received, such as calling premises to see if a mistake has been made, calling police, calling keyholders, calling fire brigade, whatever is appropriate.

They're also able to receive sound or vision signals, whereby they can listen to activity at premises concerned, viewing live pictures from CCTV cameras at premises.á They can even broadcast messages over loudspeakers at protected premises.

Another form of remote signalling, a digital dialler, can send pre-recorded messages to various locations.á This system relies upon someone answering target telephones.á It also relies upon that person who receives a call being able to do something about it.á The police will not accept such calls, nor calls from persons who have received them. We do not recommend using this method to ask friends and neighbours to attend your premises.á There could be extreme danger awaiting them!

Of three main types of remote signalling normally used, digital communicators are cheapest, but vulnerable because they rely on telephone lines being useable.  Burglars can easily cut a phone line, especially as the cables are often exposed on the outside of the premises.

Redcare (the original variety) was once more secure, using monitored telephone exchange lines, giving a warning to monitoring company when a line is cut or otherwise compromised. Unfortunately, Police ACPO policy prevents a monitoring company from informing them of such events unless there is another independent signal from a different source confirming that there is a genuine intrusion at the protected premises, therefore older Redcare systems will undoubtedly need to be upgraded, using a wireless system called RedCARE GSM. We advise anyone with Redcare to contact us URGENTLY to discuss this situation, how it affects their level of security.

Dualcom,á has a phone line connection, using Vodaphone.á If one signal path disappears, the other sends its signals. Wakefield Security & Fire, with its far sighted approach to security, have been installing Dualcom over many years. Dualcom also has a GSM version.

Remote signalling systems should use Alarm Confirmation to ensure that the Police do not get troubled by false alarms.á Indeed, confirmed systems have been compulsory since October 2001 in new systems requiring Police response & systems that have given trouble and require reinstatement of Police response.á Sensibly, Wakefield Security & Fire have made confirmation a standard feature of its systems since its inception, which is reflected in our officially published low false alarm rate that is consistently achieved.

Burglar alarms without any form of remote signalling, although once popular, have become less credible. Audible alarms


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