Police requirements for Remote Signalling

Confirmed alarms - what difference do they make?

Burglar Alarm confirmation is a very beneficial feature in the fight against false alarms.   There are three main types which can be adopted, although the first is most often used:-

Where a burglar alarm activation has to be signalled from at least two separate detectors before the police are informed.

Where microphones are distributed throughout the premises, allowing the alarm receiving centre to listen in on the sounds of the burglary, and reporting them to the police.

Like audible, but where the alarm receiving centre can look around the premises with the aid of CCTV cameras.

Visual confirmation can also be used effectively in external situations, and property can be not only monitored when intruder alarms trigger the cameras into action, but also there can be regular surveillance checks done remotely, thus obviating the need for guard patrols.

All of our burglar alarm systems are installed with sequential confirmation as a standard feature.

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Over the last few years, burglar alarm systems have become more and more popular, and consequently, the false alarm rate has increased, mostly because of the poor standards of many so-called installers and the increasing number of DIY burglar alarm systems. Alarm confirmation has been effective in starting the trend towards less false alarms, and the police have therefore rightly decreed that it is now a compulsory feature in new burglar alarm systems where they are expected to attend.

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